domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

The history of Heady Kidz Part 1

Hi, my name is Marco Chávez, I’m a Game Developer and I'm going to write a little about the development behind of Heady Kidz in this first post ;)

Part 1

Once I was with one of my best friends from the school and we were thinking about made a mobile app. We were analyzing ourselves, our skills, and what we want to do in our lives in short to medium term. We both liked video games, we knew programming, and we were excited to create something funny to make people enjoy and laugh, so we said: “Why not a game?”

At the beginning we were working in both school and his house (he had a lot of food! And some day I will pay him off all the food I ate while he was sleeping). The first weeks was some difficult to work on the trot, because the school projects required a lot of hours to be accomplished. Nevertheless we spent some hours our free time. At some point my friend couldn't carry on with the development, but he supported me to continue.


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